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Partnerships and Affiliates

If your website's target audience is the male or female singles population and you would like to offer online dating profile writing services on your website, we could work together.

The easiest and fastest option is for you to join our affiliate program. You keep US$10 per sale. Clixgalore.com is our 3rd party affiliate program manager. The sign-up process is very simple-you should be done in 10 minutes. Join the program free of charge, upload the website's links and banners, and start making money today!

Click here to sign-up free (or to see the various ads available) for the Affiliate Program (managed by Clixgalore)

The content on your site must be acceptable to us for the partnership to be approved.

For specific partnership questions (we can work on a revenue-share basis, etc.),
email us at:   support@dating-profile.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Affiliate Program with clixgalore.com:

Q. What constitutes a Sale?

A. A sale is when a customer buys one or more of the products from our site.

Q. How does clixGalore track sales?

A. clixGalore uses a combination of html 'end of sale' code (which is placed in our  'order confirmation'/'thank you' page) and cookies (which are created on the customers pc after they click on one of our advertisements) to track sales. This 'two key' combination ensures that clixGalore will ONLY track the sales that are sent to us from you (the affiliate). Cookies are deleted once a transaction occurs or typically expire within 45 days. If a customer does not purchase from your site on their initial visit but returns to your site within 45 days, the sale will be tracked. clixGalore tracking code may be used with other network code but works completely independently.

Q. In what currency does clixGalore operate?

A. clixGalore operates in United States Dollars (US$), British Pounds (£), European Euro (€) , Australian Dollars (AUD$), New Zealand Dollars (NZ$), Japanese Yen (¥), Singapore Dollar (S$), Korean Won, and Thai Baht (B$). Each sales/lead/click program will specify the currency that the program operates in. Affiliates who join the program will be paid in the programs currency. When monthly commissions are paid, Affiliate may request to have their non US balances converted to US Dollars using the appropriate exchange rate of the day.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of advertisements I can take?

A. clixGalore imposes no limits on the number of banners you can place on your website.

Q. Can I place advertisements in emails and newsletters?

A. Yes you may place advertisements in emails and newsletters. Permission is required to place 'click' advertisements into these documents.

Q. How often do Affiliates get paid their commissions?

A. clixGalore has a monthly pay schedule and will pay you when your commission reaches US$50 or AUD$100 or UK£35 or €60. During the signup process you will be prompted to enter the payment details. When commissions are paid, Affiliates may request to have their non US balances converted to US Dollars using the appropriate exchange rate of the day.

Q. Are 'paid to click', 'paid to surf', 'member reward', 'paid to read emails' or incentive websites allowed to join clixGalore?

A. No. These websites are prohibited from using clixGalore. If you open an Affiliate account based on any of these types of websites, your account will be terminated, all earnings will be forfeited and returned to the Merchant.